CENG 222 Computer Organization

Course Web Site: http://ceng222.cankaya.edu.tr & WebOnline

Description: Organization of a simple stored-program computer: CPU, busses and memory. Instruction sets, machine code, and assembly language. Conventions for assembly language generated by compilers. Floating-point number representation. Hardware organization of simple processors. Address translation and virtual memory. Introductory examples of input/output devices, interrupt handling and multi-tasking systems.


  • Understand principles of operation of computer.
  • Understand operation of input/output devices and processor.
  • Analyze interface and bus (control, data, address) organization of modern computers.
  • Create simple assembly language programs.
  • Analyze organization of memory system and interaction of its components.

Text Book:

Computer Organization and Design MIPS Edition: The Hardware/Software Interface, by David A. Patterson (Author), John L. Hennessy ,2013 ISBN 9780124077263


Quiz (%10)
Attendance (%10)

Homework (%10)
Midterm (%30)
Final (%40)